Sweetman, Ann

Birth Name Sweetman, Ann
Gender female


Death unknown
Birth Birth of Ann Sweetman,  10 Dec 1855  at  Kings Norton

I have the birth certificate.
Born 10th Dec 1855 at Edward St, Kings Norton, Ann, a girl, father James Sweetman, mother Ann Sweetman, formerly Blunt, he was a master rope maker, the birth was registered on 17th Jan 1856.


Father Sweetman, James   (Birth)
Mother Blunt, Ann   (Birth)


Married Husband Sweetman, William
  Children Sweetman, Florence
Sweetman, Laura
Sweetman, Mary
Sweetman, Sarah (Ann)
Sweetman, James
Married Husband Neary, John
  Marriage Marriage of John Neary and Ann Sweetman,  1 May 1882  

I have a copy of the marriage certificate.

John was a 32 year old bachelor, worked as a striker (smith's), his father was Martin Nearey a Sawyer. Ann was a 25 year old spinster, her father was James Sweetman (deceased) who had been a rope spinner. The marriage certificate was marked by Sophia Summerfield and signed by William ??? unreadable, could be Cummins.They lived at Latimer Street and were married at The Parish Church in the parish of St Thomas, Birmingham.

  Children Neary, Catherine Mary
Neary, Maria


There is no doubt that this lady was Ann Sweetman.

I have her certificate of marriage to John Neary in 1882, her birth certificate in 1855 as the daughter of James Sweetman and Ann Sweetman (nee Blunt) and the birth of her daughter Catherine Mary Neary as the daughter of John Neary and Ann Neary (late TUSTIN, formerly Sweetman) in 1885.

This suggests that her Sweetman children were born out of wedlock. Her comment that she was Ann Neary, late Tustin, formerly Sweetman suggests that maybe her partner was a Mr. Tustin and that could be where her 'Sweetman' children came from. I have been unable to find a marriage between a Sweetman and a Tustin so far.

Ann Sweetman (it is claimed) said that she sent her daughters Catherine Neary and Maria Neary (at the age of 9 or 10) to live with their sister (assumed to be) Florence Sweetman, because Ann couldn't be bothered with them. This was probably after her daughter Florence Sweetman married in 1897.