Sweetman, Florence

Birth Name Sweetman, Florence
Gender female


Birth Birth of Florence Sweetman,  about Aug 1880  at  Birmingham

DOB based on her death certificate which said she was 71 in 1951.

I found a Florence Sweetman born in Bham SepQ 1879, Vol 6d pg 169, this is almost certainly the correct entry. But there was another entry in B'ham, DecQ 1882, Vol 6d, Pg 57.

However, since Ann Sweetman (her mother) married John Neary in May 1882, it is unlikely (but not impossible) that she was bearing Sweetman children in 1882.

Death Death of Florence Sweetman,  12 May 1951  
Residence 1891 Census? William Sweetman,  1891  at  76 Milk Street


Father Sweetman, William   (Birth)
Mother Sweetman, Ann   (Birth)
Siblings Sweetman, Laura
Sweetman, Mary
Sweetman, Sarah (Ann)
Sweetman, James
Other Siblings Neary, Maria
Neary, Catherine Mary


Married Husband Storor, Albert
  Divorce Separation of Albert Storor and Florence Sweetman,  Feb 1916  

This was not a divorce as far as I know, I just had a note that they separated on this date.

  Marriage Marriage of Albert Storor and Florence Sweetman,  23 May 1897  at  St Gabriels
  Children Storor, Albert
Storor, Kate
Storor, Alice
Storor, Anne Marie
Storor, Florence Ellen
Storor, Thomas Henry
Storer, William
Storor, Ruby Evelyn


Both Fay and Harold Lamb mentioned that Florence Sweetman had a stall in Birmingham rag market. Fay says that her grandmother used to collect clothes in an old pram and walk for miles collecting up clothes to sell.