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Letter Place
11 Court Brickiln St
 10 Court, 8 Heath Mill Lane
 126 Enville Street
 15 Enville Street
 15 Field Lane
2259 Brettle Lane, Brierly Hill
330 Enville Street
775 Bridgnorth Road
 76 Milk Street
 77 Wash Lane
 79 Allens Croft Road
AAll saints, Small Heath
BBack of 275 Garrison Lane
 Back of 8, Little Ann Street
 Brierly Hill
 Broseley, Salop M011552
CCheese Lane
 City Hospital
 Court 1, Pickford Street
DDefford, Worcs
EEnoggera Terrace
 Ethel Dene
GGospel Oak, Tipton
HHalesowen M013761
 Holdgate, Salop
 Holy Trinity Church, Amblecote, Stourbridge
 Hunts Lane
KKings Norton
LLodge Hill Cemetry
 Ludford, Salop M033762
PPark Road West
 Platts Crescent
 St Annes Church, Alcester Street
 St Gabriels
 St Giles, Sheldon
 St James, Wollaston
 St Johns Church, West Bromwich
 St Judes, Birmingham
 St Laurence, Northfield
 St Leonards, Broseley
 St Martins Church
 St Mary's, Oldswinford
 St Michael, High St, Brierly Hill
 St Peters, Wolverhampton
 St Philip and St Jacob
 St Thomas, Dudley
 St Wulstan's, Bournebrook
 Stourbridge Cemetry
TTemple Bank
 The Somme Battlefield, 1st World War
 Western Road Workhouse Infirmiary
YYnsangharad Works
ssinking of "The Hood" during second world war