Sweetman, William

Birth Name Sweetman, William
Gender male


Marriage Marriage of William Sweetman and Ann ???,  estimated about 1878  




Married Wife Sweetman, Ann
  Children Sweetman, Florence
Sweetman, Laura
Sweetman, Mary
Sweetman, Sarah (Ann)
Sweetman, James


I'm sure this William sweetman is not the husband of Ann Sweetman. She was born a Sweetman and I think it's unlikely she will have married a William Sweetman, though not impossible. There is a marriage of a William Sweetman in B'ham in JunQ 1878, vol 6d, pg 6. It may be worth getting hold of the marriage certificate to see who he married. Since Laura Sweetman said her father was William, maybe she and Florence were not actually sisters but cousins??? From the marriage GRO it looks as though William sweetman may have married an Emily Caroline Mills or a Hannah Mullis, need the marriage certificate to find out.