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Edward Pope

This gentleman was one of four Edward Pope's born around Shropshire in the late 1700's. Two of the four died in early childhood which leaves two possibles. If you have related family history which gets you back to this era, I would be very pleased to hear from you!

We are indebted to the Mormon (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) IGI for much of the information here, we also looked at their microfilm of the Holdgate (Shropshire) parish register for additional information.

If anyone knows why the microfilm includes pages written by "Robert Parker, Police Sergeant, 14 Temple Street, Birmingham" who was obviously also investigating Pope family history, I would be pleased to know.

Below are shown two of the family groups, one of which we suspect included "our" Edward.

Group 1

John Pope = Mary

William Pope (1726)

Samuel Pope (1731)

Peter Pope (1737) = Anne

Edward Pope (1760)

John Pope (1765)

Anne Pope (1769)

Group 2

William Pope = Mary

Anne Pope (1724)

John Pope (1725)

Richard Pope (1726)

Samuel Pope (1730)

Edward Pope (1732)

Joshua Pope (1737)

Job Pope (1727) = Elizabeth Bottfield

Richard Pope (1762)

Margaret Pope (1764)

Edward Pope (1767)