My interests are Linux and Genealogy.

Names researched are [Pope, White, Storor, Storer, Langley, Lloyd]

There is a link below to a page showing my immediate family, with subsequent links to other generations.

Note: I will shortly delete the "old style" family tree (see links above). It had become a burden to maintain alongside GRAMPS which I am now using. I have installed the GRAMPS style of family tree (see the link above) alongside the old one for comparison. You will see that the GRAMPS family tree gives a lot more information once you select an individual, but you may need to become familiar with it if you are used to the old style tree.


In the "old style" genealogy screens, dates are displayed in parentheses. For a person, birth year is displayed first followed by a hyphen and year of death if appropriate. For a marriage, the dates show year of marriage, followed by a hyphen and year of divorce if appropriate. Parents are shown above their children, separated by a short horizontal rule. If either parent has more then one partner, relationships are separated by full horizontal rules. People's names are given in full where known, if a person is known by other than their first name, their familiar name is shown in parentheses to the left of their proper name.


In the "old style" tree many of the people shown are links to other family tree segments. If you click on a link in the 'parent' section, you are taken to that person's family when they were a child. If you click on a link in the 'child' section, you are taken to that person's family with them as a parent. If any of the names are spelled incorrectly or the dates or relationships are wrong, my apologies! Please let me know of any corrections, or additional information I should add.
Site last updated 3rd March 2009.